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Give Birth To A God is a unique child rearing and parenting site that puts God at the center.  Here, preparation is stressed because ideally child rearing begins before conception and continues during pregnancy; which sets the base for a beautiful life going forward. 

Give Birth To A God serves as a platform to share the science of child rearing based on our bold declaration that Allah (God) would not give parents such a weighty assignment only to have them figure it out on their own.  He has in fact taught us how to rear our children and how to best live this life.  God's divine guidance and instructions come through His servants, the scriptures, science, and nature.  We are advocates of such God-centered child rearing and parenting as this gives our children the best start at discovering and pursuing their divine purpose in life.​

Our ultimate mission is the spiritual and mental resurrection of our brothers and sisters.  That being said, we recognize that strong families are the foundation of a great Nation, and therefore, our focus is on strengthening our families by sharing the science of child rearing.  We believe that people of all ages, both male and female have a role to play; as well as those who may be past childbearing years.  We all have a duty to share with our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, extended family, friends and community a new way, so that each generation is stronger than the previous.  So, whether you are rearing children, plan to one day become a parent or now have adult children, Give Birth To A God is for you!

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