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Killing the Fruit of the Womb (Part 2 of 2)

Let’s now explore the personal and societal consequences of just having the thought of abortion while pregnant and why killing the fruit of our womb due to perceived fears of poverty, responsibility, disappointment, or any other fear can have irrevocable consequences.

“They are losers indeed who kill their children foolishly without knowledge, and forbid that which Allah has provided for them, forging a lie against Allah. They indeed go astray, and are not guided” (Holy Qur’an 6:141).

At some point, we are going to have to see the bigger picture. Do not get distracted by so-called liberals and pro-choice advocates who claim to have an agenda that champions the rights of women and social equality. They are so hypocritical when they advocate that a woman, regardless of her reasoning, should have the right to kill the fruit of her womb – while at the same time holding other positions that encourage community and reject individualism. When we choose to end a pregnancy that was a result of consensual sex and our health is not at risk – this is an individual, self-serving action. It does not take into consideration the community and the future of our people as a whole. It does not take into consideration that this life could be the answer to someone’s prayer. Perhaps a child whose life was aborted today could have discovered the cure for a disease that will plague the lives of others in the future. Our fear of immediate personal inconvenience, unfortunately, cripples our willingness to see the god-potential of this new life beyond the moment.

We know that in America over 600,000 babies are killed every year from abortions. However, there is also an untold number of babies that are born every day from mothers that never wanted them. The most potentially destructive thought is one that garners intense negative emotion and is prolonged. The agony, stress, fear, and uncertainty that a woman experiences when she is pregnant and DOES NOT want to be – can lead to unthinkable thoughts and actions. What type of mental and spiritual predisposition could these children inherit? What burden do they unknowingly bear at birth? Which way of life will they naturally incline, if environmental factors do not intervene and reverse their course? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “What you see is the result of somebody’s thinking…your presence is the result of somebody’s thinking…”

We all understand the definition of “kill” in terms of the physical. Going through with abortion will physically end the life of a baby forever, thus; the baby has been ‘killed.’ But, to kill someone spiritually and mentally can also have irrevocable consequences. Imagine a pregnant woman having murderous thoughts and plans – thoughts of rejection and hatred – being deceptive and telling lies – experiencing agonizing sadness and mental torment. All of these powerful thoughts and emotions are helping to form the brain of the baby and if these thoughts are prolonged, the child could be born predisposed to act out on many of these impressions.

In the scripture mentioned previously, Allah (God) calls those of us who kill our children foolishly, without knowledge – “losers.” If we do not kill them physically, but we kill their god-potential, are we still losers? Let’s take a look: Is our community rampant with behavior that could qualify us as being “losers” in the sight of Allah (God)? Unfortunately, from our womb, we have produced too many who have become liars, thieves, robbers, rapists, destroyers, and murderers. We have produced an untold number of individuals who are born emotionally and psychologically insecure – children who are born with self-rejection, self-hatred, and self-negation baked into their genetic make-up.

Certainly, we cannot and should not deny the fact that there are external systems and individuals that benefit from contributing to the perpetuation of our condition. However, it is also true that we greatly increase the likelihood that our children will become victims by setting them up at a great disadvantage right from birth. The brain of the baby is fashioned by the thoughts, desires, and blood of the mother. The woman can produce children from her womb that are more inclined to righteousness or more inclined to evil.

In his lecture, How to Give Birth to a God: Part 5, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said – “We are not what our mothers are pleased with. But, mothers, your children are yours. Society has to take its part, but I’m sorry – you have to take the full weight, because the scripture says, ‘Train the child up in the way it should go: and when it is old, it will not depart from that way.’ If you put the right stuff in the children, then society can’t take it out. But the right stuff has been absent from the mind of the Black woman and the Black man. And so, from generation to generation, we keep on repeating history. We don’t make a new step.”

As women, we should not see our responsibility as an overwhelming burden, but as a BLESSING! Yes – to be able to co-operate and co-create with a magnificent God is a powerful and sacred gift. It is time for a new thought, a new way, and a new woman. Just as easy as we can transfer wicked thoughts to our children, we can also transfer righteous thoughts and characteristics to our children. It all starts with the woman coming back to God. We must bathe in the reality of His presence in our daily lives and believe in His sufficiency to intervene and improve every aspect of our condition. Only then, can we begin to understand that all of our fears are irrational because God is in control!

We must not “forge a lie against Allah.” If God says that He will provide for us and our children, then we must have faith in Him. Our fear of poverty will be erased; along with our fear for the future and the responsibility that parenting demands. Allah (God) would never allow us to reproduce without providing us with the means to care for and maintain the life we produced. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote, “If you accept Allah (God) and follow me and if you give birth to 100 children, each of you girls and women is considered more blessed and right in the eyes of Allah (God) than those who try to kill the birth seed.”

For anyone who may think that it is too late, know that Allah (God) would be unjust if He left us hopeless. Fortunately, the human being is the only one of God’s creations blessed with free will. We have the will to submit to righteousness and reject wickedness or oppose righteous behavior and indulge in the debauchery of this world. Understanding the science and the circumstances involved during our personal gestational period is critical to our ability to reverse any damage done. The only time being born with a negative predisposition is irrevocable is if we are not aware of why we are the way we are and do not seek a way to rebel against our natural negative inclinations. So, rebellion in this sense is a blessing.

NOTE: The way to counter those who encourage abortions is for us to make difference life choices and to educate our children and anyone else within our sphere of influence about the value of human life. We should NEVER destroy abortion clinics or harm doctors that perform this procedure – that is not the answer.

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